Ari Katz, M.D.

Ari Katz, M.D

Dr. Ari Katz, M.D.

Dr. Katz is thrilled to join Forward Focus Concierge Medicine and practice medicine the way he has always envisioned; by giving patients the time and attention they deserve to offer the best possible care. He has spent several years as an attending physician in the Northwestern system, caring for hospitalized patients and developing outstanding clinical skills and expansive knowledge of a wide range of medical issues. While he has appreciated the ability to treat critically ill patients, Dr. Katz is passionate about developing longer-term relationships with patients and preventing the very medical issues that he often treated in the hospital setting. He is enthusiastic about having the opportunity to partner with patients at Forward Focus, and help each person become the best version of themselves.

With a calm and compassionate demeanor, Dr. Katz prides himself on being an excellent listener and knowing the right questions to ask. He takes the time to understand what’s going on in each patient’s life and how that may impact their overall health. He recognizes the importance of lifestyle modification, promoting exercise, nutrition, sleep, and stress management as a vehicle to optimize well-being. Dr. Katz is able to discuss complex medical issues so that each patient fully understands their treatment plan and feels confident in their care. He has developed close relationships with specialists and providers throughout the Northwestern system, which informs his recommendations when referrals are required and ensures a seamless transition for comprehensive care.

Dr. Ari Katz, M.D.

A dedicated father and husband, Dr. Katz lives with his wife and two young children on the NorthShore. In his own busy life, he ascribes to the same virtues of wellness that he prescribes for patients; carving out time to run, cycle, practice yoga, and rock climb. He enjoys spending time in nature through hiking, camping, and gardening, and finds being outdoors to be very therapeutic. A lifelong drummer, he likes to play when he has a chance, even filling in with Dr. Schaffel’s band when they need a backup drummer. Dr. Katz also has a passion for technology and is looking forward to integrating the latest advances into the practice to improve health outcomes, while enhancing convenience and efficiency for patients.

Raised in Cleveland, Dr. Katz attended the Ohio State University’s honors program from which he graduated magna cum laude. He attended medical school at the well-respected American Medical Program at Tel Aviv University and is grateful to have become fluent in Hebrew and spend time with his family in Israel. He returned to the U.S. to complete his residency in internal medicine at the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago and published his research findings in the International Journal of Cardiology. Dr. Katz maintains hospital privileges at both Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital and Highland Park Hospital.