Forward Focus Patient Benefits

Member Benefits

Members of Forward Focus Concierge Medicine pay an annual fee. With this membership fee, you gain around-the-clock access to our doctors and our staff, unhurried appointments, an annual comprehensive physical examination and proactive healthcare services. By limiting the size of our practice, you can be assured that your concierge physician will be available to treat your health issues and provide exceptional, personalized health care at your convenience. Office visits, hospital care, and other ancillary medical services will be billed directly to your insurance company.

Concierge Member Benefits Include:

Annual Physical

  • A comprehensive annual medical examination to review all aspects of your health and wellness.
  • After a thorough physical exam, our doctors will discuss your history, screening tests, any x-ray results, vaccination records, and medication management, as well as any medical concerns and additional life factors that may be impacting your health. 
  • All tests will be completed prior to an extended office appointment, so the results can be thoroughly explained.
    Learn More: Comprehensive Annual Physical Examination


  • Prompt scheduling of appointments outside of the Annual Exam with little or no wait time. For emergent issues, you will be able to be seen that day or the next business day. For routine office visits, we will schedule you as soon as possible. 
  • Extended and unhurried office visits (scheduled for 30 minutes) so that you always get the attention we feel you deserve.


  • Direct access to our doctors through a variety of channels. You will receive your physician's personal email address and private cell phone number. Email is a great form of communication for non-urgent issues either during the day or after hours. When the office is closed and an urgent matter arises, you can call or text your doctor directly. When appropriate, we also use video technology (facetime, zoom, or a secure encrypted video platform) to communicate, although all patient appointments are scheduled in the office. 
  • Limited practice size to ensure a personalized approach to your health. Since the number of patients in the practice is limited, we're able to make your care a priority, and your physician will have the time necessary to address all of your needs as they arise.
  • Direct phone access to our staff during business hours. When you call, a welcoming member of our team will answer the phone. Our patient care staff will have the opportunity to get to know you personally, and be able to handle your needs quickly and effectively.
  • When you are away from home, whether on a short trip or for an extended stay, we continue to offer the best possible medical support from a distance, and can communicate with local providers to assist with your care. 

Administrative Support

  • Insurance claims filed on your behalf by our staff.
  • Prompt follow-up phone calls to review lab and imaging results.
  • Reminder calls for exams, follow-up procedures and testing.
  • Personalized electronic medical records that you will be able to access via a password protected patient portal on our website.

Coordination of Care

  • Visits when you are hospitalized at Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital or Highland Park Hospital to coordinate your care with hospitalists and advocate on your behalf.
  • Advocacy and coordination with carefully chosen specialists.
  • Coordination of travel-related health needs.
  • Care transition planning.
  • Management of home-care professionals.

Prevention and Wellness

  • Coordination with health professionals in our on-site wellness clinic, including audiologists, dietitians, and an Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) physician.
  • Regularly scheduled educational seminars for our members on a variety of personal health topics. Presentations are held for small groups in our office (when appropriate) or via Zoom. Topics recently covered in our wellness series include exercise, nutrition, Covid-19 recommendations, vaccines, back health, heart health, and hearing issues, among others. 
  • We keep our patients updated on the latest health issues via newsletters and practice-wide Zoom calls led by our physicians.