Forward Focus Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Membership Fees

How much is the annual fee?

Please contact one of our offices directly (Lake Forest: (847) 234-8100 or Northfield: (224) 255-5600) or by filling out the inquiry form to learn more about the concierge membership fee.

Do you offer a family discount?

Yes, couples receive a 10% discount and dependent children ages 26 and under are charged a nominal fee.

Does the concierge membership fee cover lab work, injections, and other services provided in your office?

No, those fees will be billed to Medicare or your current insurance company. The concierge member fee covers only lab tests that are part of the annual comprehensive medical examination.

Is the annual concierge fee tax deductible?

This fee may very well be tax deductible. Patients are advised to consult with their tax consultant to clarify qualification in their particular circumstance.

Does the annual fee cover the entire annual exam?

Yes, the annual fee covers your annual exam and standard lab testing and an EKG that is a part of this exam. However, any additional special testing, necessary injections or vaccines, x-rays etc. outside of the standard lab testing will likely be covered by your insurance. There is no office visit fee for this exam.


Do I need to keep my private health insurance (non-Medicare) if I become a member?

Yes, It is important to keep your health insurance coverage current for lab tests, hospitalizations, or physician consultations not covered by your membership fee.  Although we do not participate as an in-network provider for any commercial insurance plans, your insurance company may still cover many of your lab fees and medical charges. Our staff will send bills directly to your insurance company so that you can be reimbursed for any covered services.

Do I pay for office visits beyond the comprehensive annual medical examination?

Yes, non-Medicare patients will be charged a standard $30 office visit fee regardless of the complexity of the problem. This payment will be collected at the time of the visit. There are no further co-pays required. For Medicare patients, the office visit fee will be charged directly to Medicare.

Will my private insurance reimburse my annual concierge fee?

Some insurance companies reimburse a portion of the comprehensive annual physical exam. Any reimbursement will be passed on to you. In addition, Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts may at times be used to pay for all or part of the annual fee. Members are advised to consult their human resources representative at their place of employment, or their FSA or HSA plan managers.

Do you bill Medicare for the membership fee?

No, we do not bill Medicare for the concierge membership fee. However, Medicare covers an annual physical examination, so each year that you come to the office for a comprehensive physical exam, a credit for the amount that Medicare reimburses will be applied to the next year’s membership fee. Otherwise, we will continue to bill Medicare on your behalf for covered services.